Your business needs

Kel Campbell Pty Ltd have dedicated business support representatives to help you achieve your goals. Our reps can come out and analyse your equipment and recommend the correct products for your makes and models of equipment or machinery. They can also tailor an account to meet your business requirements. Please contact us to book an appointment.

Transport and Delivery
KCPL have a wide range of vehicles to suit all delivery requirements, from large industry, transport, and retail sites, down to small farm deliveries. Our truck fleet includes:

25m B-Doubles (56,000 Litres)
19m B-Doubles (52,000 Litres)
Maxi Tankers (40,000 Litres)
Small Trailers (24,000 - 27,000 Litres)
Rigid Trucks (Up to 16,000 Litres)

We also have a range of these vehicle fitted with pumping gear for above ground deliveries.

For lube deliveries, we have 2 dedicated pack trucks, one with pumping gear. We can pump oil direct from drums to your storage tanks if required. We also can deliver large amounts of bulk oils direct from the Caltex Guildford storage tanks.

Kel Campbell Fuel Haulage Truck

Kel Campbell Fuel Haulage Truck